A Beach Day the Anjé Way

Channeling your inner beach bum
We’ve made it, people. We’re at the peak of beach season. FINALLY we get make up for the Vitamin D deficiencies we’ve been harboring all year. FINALLY we can bask in the salt and sun without a care in the world (except for worrying about making sure your tan is even 😉). But before you hit the beach, you have to plan a proper get-up. We all know by now that Anjé clothing is über versatile, but have you ever thought of wearing one of our modal pieces as a bathing suit cover-up? I’m sensing lightbulbs turning on here… Anyway, since it may seem like it’s been a while since your last aquatic affair, here are a few ways to do a beach day, the Anjé way.


Beach Diva
You know a Beach Diva when you see one. She’s absolutely fearless. The boardwalk is her runway. Her strut and her style have everyone shell-shocked (hehe, get it?). Deep down, we all want to be a Beach Diva from time to time. Can’t you just picture yourself rolling up to the shore with a colorful headscarf, our Modal Asymmetric Maxi Dress, some bohemian bangles, and a beach bag worthy of mermaid status? An Anjé Beach Diva goes to the beach equipped with the latest fashion publications, a matcha latte in hand, and an arsenal of lemon juice for lightening her hair color while she lounges out in the sun.

Images via urbanoutfitter.com and anjeclothing.com

Sporty Sea Star
The Sporty Sea Star look encompasses the ladies who shine at the beach. These girls throw their hair back and dive right into the waves, sand, or cones of ice cream in front of them. They’re literally stars. The sporty look is best achieved with one of our Modal Racerback Tanks paired with a board short and bikini top combo, some strong SPF, and a baseball cap representing only the worthiest sports team. It’s truly a look for those who aren’t afraid to get a little salty (okay maybe not too salty now…).

Images via roxy.com, mlbshop.com, and anjeclothing.com

 Sandy Chic
I swear this look’s name wasn’t inspired by SpongeBob at all, I swear! Anyway, a Sandy Chic girl knows how to keep it cool when she goes to the beach. You’ll find her chilling on a patterned tapestry as she peers over her aviator sunglasses to take super artsy shots of the ocean without even trying. She carries a canvas bag to hold her tanning oil and lemon water (because it’s important to stay hydrated, right ladies?!). So what’s she wearing you ask? Being that one-piece bathing suits are back in big way, she’s rocking one on of those with her Anjé Modal Loungers and a pair sleek, black slides. Talk about an understated statement!

Images via aldoshoes.com, midsommarswim.com, and anjeclothing.com


Which look do you relate to the most? Comment on our blog post or let us know @anjeclothing ! Happy beach days 😊.

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