7 Things to Thank Your Mom for This Mother’s Day

We all know that moms are the unsung heroes of our stories. They’ve given up a lot for us, including their waistlines and occasionally, their sanity (especially during our angsty teen years, am I right?). So here we are, on the brink of yet another Mother’s Day. It may feel like you’ve reinvented the wheel too many times to count. She has a million bags, and yet you’re out there searching for another. Her jewelry collection is overflowing, yet you’re on the quest to find that one piece she still needs. But when was the last time you went really deep with your Mother’s Day gift? Sometimes it’s easier to show your appreciation in the form an item, but this Mother’s Day consider showing mom some love with a verbal or written description of what you want to thank her for. To give your gift of gratitude a little jump start, here are some surefire reasons to thank your mom this Mother’s Day! Thank her for…

1. Literally always knowing
Moms know best. It’s a ubiquitous truth that we spend half of our lives trying to deny, but always know to be right. Although she has a killer intuition, she constantly walks the line of letting you make your own mistakes and protecting you. Talk about one hell of a tightrope walk!

2. Listening to you ramble on about the issues that everyone else is tired of hearing about
That rude coworker who keeps stealing your lunch? The crappy wifi in your apartment? Your mom wants to hear about it all and will even chime in on the shit talking when necessary! No other person is more willing to give you their undivided attention like this time and time again!

3. Showering you in affection even if you don’t reciprocate it
There’s nothing like a mother’s grasp as she your holds your face and kisses it all over, or traps you in an inescapable hug. We can pretend to act like it’s lame, but we’ve always secretly liked it…

4. Giving you the security to go out and conquer the world
Attachment theory was developed by psychologists John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, and it describes something called secure attachment. To put it simply, it’s when a child is separated from its caregiver and initially shows some distress, but is able to gain composure knowing that they can depend on the caregiver returning. It’s this kind of security that our moms give us which allow us to go out and explore the world with less fear and anxiety. We know we’ll always have mom to fall back on!

5. Having all the answers to those things in life that you’re still incapable of dealing with
How long should this go in the microwave for? What do you use to clean this? Is this email okay? Mom’s got all the answers, and they’re answers that you can actually trust. A mom-verified stamp of approval holds more weight than any other form of authentication out there!

6. Making sure family values are instilled within you
We all know that a mom is the glue that holds any crazy family together. She’s always there to remind you when its’ Uncle Joe’s birthday, or to tell you to love your sibling even though he’s being annoying (even as an adult). She’s the one making endless calls to family members each holiday and acting as the family representative when distance cousins ask how everyone’s doing.

7. Showing you how a girlboss should act
My mom has perpetually taught me to not sell myself short. It’s a mantra that I repeat to myself in more than one aspect of my life, and one that I certainly couldn’t have developed without witnessing my mom embody it. Mom’s serve not only as role models, but as a reminder of our worth when we can’t see it ourselves, and this is pretty worthy of thanks, if you ask me.

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