7 of Our Favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes

T minus two days until Halloween folks, and although you may have already started partaking in frightful festivities, the grand finale is yet to come! Whether you’re partying with friends this weekend or going trick or treating with little friends on Thursday, some Halloween inspiration is certainly called for today. And what better place to look than our beloved celebrities? The heroes of pop culture, constantly moving the needle 😉. Here are 7 of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes through the years! 

1. Iggy Azalea as Cruella De Vil (2013) 
First things first, she’s definitely the realest Cruella De Vil there’s been in celebrity costume history. Cardi B took her spin on the look in 2017, but nothing compares to Iggy’s 2013 get up, dalmation and all! 

2. Rita Ora as Post Malone (2018) 

I mean, come on! You have to give Rita Ora props for the attention to detail here. From the tattoos to the facial hair, this was a very well done ensemble! 

3. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry as Bill and Hillary Clinton (2016)
A particularly poignant costume for 2016, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry really nailed the couples Halloween game. I’m not sure who their makeup artist was and what kind of sorcery he or she performed, but this is some next level stuff…(still waiting for their wedding).

4. Chrissy Teigen as Guy Fieri (2015) 
Bravo, Chrissy! Excellent execution from the goatee, to the classic flames shirt, to the props on the table. She served up a great costume and Guy Fieri should be honored 😌.

5. Jessica Biel as Justin Timberlake (2019)
Jessica Biel dressed up as her husband during his NSYNC days this past week and it.was.INCREDIBLE. The cherry on top is that Justin got to be a giant microphone...iconic. 

6. Lady Gaga as a ghost (2014) 
This is one of our favorite celeb costumes of all time only because you’d never expect Lady Gaga to go with something so simple. For someone used to dress for Halloween every day, the only thing more awe-inducing than Lady Gaga’s usual elaborate garbs would be something so plain...well played. 

7. Heidi Klum (any and every year)
Heidi is clearly the queen of Halloween, hosting annual Halloween extravaganzas for years now. She just wins every time. No one else has consistently gone as hard as Heidi, and for that, we applaud her! 


Who did we miss? Let us know what your favorite celebrity Halloween costume is by commenting below! 

Happy Halloween!!!

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