5 Ways (for Even the Most “Basic” of Us) to Spend Time Outdoors This Summer

For some people, summer means hiking, and sweat, and the smell of pure grit as they jump into lakes, or slide through patches of mud because it’s summer so WHY NOT?! But for others, summer entails mudslides of a more alcoholic nature, and maybe not wanting to get so sweaty. I have a theory that within us all, we have an outdoorsy side…but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we always want to express it! If you find this to be true for yourself, then you may have had the honor of being described as high maintenance, or even basic at some point in your life. But if you’re a “basic” kind of girl (as the kids say these days), embrace it! And if you’re not, embrace that! Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself an outdoorsy person or not, there are ways to spend enjoyable time outside this summer! Take a gander at these five ideas that everyone will love…even the most basic among us! 

1. Go for a bike ride

 What? I thought you said no sweat? Listen, if you’re outside in the summer, you’re bound to sweat a little, but whether you’re in the city or the suburbs, going for a bike ride is an awesome way to enjoy the fresh air! Even if you sweat, you’ll be cooled off in no time when you coast down a few hills and let the breeze flow through you hair in a super cute and picturesque way! My basic ladies, think of it as Soul Cycle 2.0. Now get on your bikes and ride! (That was a Queen reference, just in case you missed it…)
2. Explore a local park or nature preserve

You don’t have to be a tree hugger to go on a nature walk at your local park or nature preserve! Drag your friends or significant other along and have a picnic! Pick up a bunch of wildflowers and make a bouquet to put on your table at home (and then post it on Pinterest, of course). I recently explored a nature preserve near my house, and if nothing else, I took some great pictures and got to feel like a flower child for the day!

3. Watch the sunset (or the moonrise, as some say)

Okay, this is my ultimate favorite way to spend time outside during the summer. I’m a sucker for sunsets, especially ones on the beach (why does this sound like I’m writing an eHarmony profile?). But even if you can’t get to a beach, find a place where you can watch the sun go down, and I promise you’ll be hooked. Besides, think of your Instagram account! It’s begging for the quintessential sunset pic ;)!

4. Lighten up with some lemon juice

Come on, we’ve all wanted to try it! Using lemon juice to lighten up your hair will kind of force you to spend time outside because it takes a couple of hours in the sun for the lemon juice to kick in! So why not make a day out of it? Grab some buddies, head to the beach, and let the juice work its magic! My favorite part? It’s an all-natural way to subtly change up your look!

5. Be basic in Anjé

There’s no better way to be basic than in Anjé! Our clothing provides the perfect basic foundations for any and every look. Check out some of our lightweight, breathable modal pieces that are especially perfect for all of your outdoor adventures!


No matter whether you and Mother Nature have always gotten along or not, there’s always a way to enjoy spending time outside! Hell, I’m writing this blog post outside right now! So embrace your basicness and go revel in the great outdoors!


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