5 Tricks To Cure Your #MDW Hangover

Memorial Day marks the official start to summer for most of us and with that brings parties, bbq’s, bonfires and a crowd fave, cocktails. Cold, refreshing, tasty and a little wavy in the head, a summer cocktail sounds like the perfect idea. Then the party continues and the next morning comes. That’s when you realize you’re not that young anymore and you need immediate relief to stop the thumping in your head. Sound familiar? I put together my 5 favorite remedies for a speedy recovery.  

1. Ginger Zinger 

Ginger is one of the most effective natural remedies for an upset stomach. It’s important that you use fresh ginger root because most ales do not contain actual ginger. I use a cheese grater and grate it right into a mug. Use as much as you like, based on your taste. Add boiling water, stir and sip. 

You can also chop it finely or just chew on a piece for the same results. 

2. HLW  (Honey Lemon Water)

Honey naturally breaks down alcohol in the body, neutralizing the toxins created when it’s consumed. The fructose raises blood sugar levels, helping the body quickly metabolize all of that booze. 

Lemon boosts liver function but the acidity can irritate the stomach lining. Be careful not to use too much after a boozy night. I usually squeeze the juice from about a 1/4 of a lemon into my honey water. 

3. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is a liver-protecting spice with powerful anti-inflammatory effects.
Similar to ginger, I like to use fresh turmeric root and grate it. You can also use 1/4 tsp of powdered turmeric. Add to a cup of boiling water. Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
Optional: Add honey to taste.
Drink up. Feel better.
If you really can’t stand the taste, do it as a shot. This time, no alcohol!

4. Coco Nana  (Coconut Water + a Banana)

Coconut water provides the body with more potassium than a banana and a daily supply of vitamin C. It also provides electrolytes to help prevent dehydration. 

You will receive enough potassium from the coconut water but I like to eat the banana with it because I’m getting food into my system and it helps soothe the stomach – a useful benefit if you feel nauseous. Since the alcohol from the night before depletes the potassium in your body, why not get a little more of what you just stripped away? 

5. Beet It 

Beets are well known for detoxifying the liver and providing loads of energy because they are rich in betalains, a class of antioxidants. I recommend taking a shot of beet juice before your party to give you the energy you need to keep going and get your liver ready to work.
Chop 1-3 cleaned and pealed beets and blend with 1/4 cup of water. Once it’s well blended, chug-a-lug. If the mixture is too thick, add water to your desired consistency. 

***Anjé’s Ultimate Hangover Cure***
The powerful combination of all of the above will be your best bet if you really over indulged (or plan to).
Take a shot of beet juice before you start drinking. The next morning have a banana and coconut water while you boil water for your hangover cocktail. Grate ginger and turmeric into a cup. Add a teaspoon or two of honey and the juice of a 1/4 of a lemon. Fill with boiling water. Sip your hangover away!

Along with being on the road to recovery, you’re also doing your body a huge favor by ingesting all these nutrient-packed goodies into your system. So don’t save them for hangovers, start adding them into your weekly routine for improved health on the regular!

Cheers and happy summer!



Anje Clothing & Anje Studios, LLC do not encourage excessive drinking. Always drink responsibly.

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