5 Thank Yous Your Mom Needs to Hear

It’s truly no secret that mothers know best. They’re the first ones to say what we’re feeling, but can’t articulate. They connect the dots for us and propel us into the best versions of ourselves. With Mother’s Day less than two weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about how you can show your mom some appreciation. Last year we outlined some awesome virtual gifts, but this year sentimentality wins. We’ve all been through a lot since last Mother’s Day and I have a strange feeling that your mom served as the glue that held everyone together throughout all of it. So this year, it would mean even more if you wrote out all the reasons you’re thankful for your family’s Queen! We have 7 reasons already listed here, but check out 5 more below for some extra mushy inspiration! 

1. For making you a hometown hero 
It doesn’t seem to matter how near or far you move from your family, going home is always a celebration because of your mom. She’s the one who’s been gassing you up to all the relatives and is just waiting to nurture you upon your arrival. 

2. For telling you the hard truth
Being that mothers know best (yes, still hard to accept), they’re often in the position of having to maneuver some difficult conversations with you. Although it might not be what you want to hear at the time, it’s exactly what you need to hear. 

3. For reminding you of your roots 
Your heritage, your family traditions, where you came from - it’s all encompassed within your mother. She’s the one at the forefront of keeping those traditions alive and ensuring that they’re passed down through you. You know if you’re ever feeling lost, it’ll only take one call with your mom to remind you of who you are.
4. For telling telling you no, even when it was hard 
Your mom wanted nothing more than to coddle you and fulfill your every wish...and maybe she did at times. But despite that, she also set boundaries for you so you could navigate between right and wrong on your own some day. The foundation she laid down still serves as a north star for you today.

5. For being the blueprint 
Speaking of north stars, if you’re ever questioning anything in life, you'll probably be okay if you ask, “what would my mom do?” Your mom is the roadmap for your own success. She’s paved the way and all you have to do is follow. A role-model is an understatement! 


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