5 Home Décor Trends to Try Now

Like a lot of people, I’ve been doing some spring cleaning. Firstly, because I’ve put it off for the past few springs or so... But secondly because I’ve never quite spent this much time at home before. You’re likely in the same situation, so might as well make your at home office/yoga studio/movie theater/coffee shop as trendy as you can, right? In an effort to spruce up your space, check out these 5 home décor trends to try now!
1. Abstract figure line drawings
A big name for a very minimalist trend. These figure drawings have been popping up everywhere you see chic, modern interior design. Here at Anjé, we’re big fans of minimalism, and extending it to your home can only work wonders! If you’re looking at this artwork and thinking, “I bet I could draw that” …well you can! Fashion influencer Danielle Bernstein has even started making her own pieces. Might as well try it out 🤷‍♀️.

Image via @weworewhat

2. A little bit of light
Candles, string lights, bulb lights, whatever you can get your hands on! This automatically adds a little ambiance to any room. We’ve seen lights littered across a bedroom, but how about in your kitchen? Or living room? Or even bathroom 🤔?

3. Velvet seating
Pale pink, forest green, baby blue, mustard…there’s a color that works with everyone’s interior color scheme. We’ve been seeing velvet seating making quite the comeback. It brings a lick of luxury to your living space! Not to mention, these seats are irresistibly cozy!

4. Greenery
Whether you’re hanging them in a bohemian style crochet plant holder, or keeping them in artisan pottery on the floor, some greenery will instantly make your space feel fresher. The most common houseplants people are using? For hanging plants, try out String of Pearls, Philodendron, or Marble Pothos. And for tall, potted plants, try out Snake Plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Cacti, or Philodendron again. Tomorrow is Earth Day, so there’s never been a better time to take on some plants!

5. Hexagon Shelves
This could be the mother of all DIY projects…or you can order them pre-made and just install them to your wall. Either way, they’re a great accent to any room and look really great with luscious, green plants 😉.


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