3 Ways We’ll Be Wearing Our Modal Racerback Tanks This Summer

Everyone brace yourselves. This is the summer we re-enter the world. This is the summer we THRIVE. And we need a versatile wardrobe to make this transition as smooth and stylish as possible. That’s why we’ll be rocking our Modal Racerback Tanks all summer long! This majestic tank is buttery soft and made of pure modal, known as wonder fabric for its extra fine fibers that make the textiles tantalizingly lightweight. Since there are millions of ways to wear this gem (one included in last week’s post), we’ll start you off with three ways we’ll be our Modal Racerback Tanks this summer!  

Casual and Cool 
Whether it’s a picnic with the girls, a weekend barbecue, or a lowkey date night, you need a fit that’s flirty, fun, and functional. This summer, we’ll be rocking the Modal Racerback Tank tied in a knot and worn over a bright midi skirt. It’s an easy breezy look for the sweltering days that lie ahead. Pop on some slides and grab your bag, it’s time to make moves! 

Office Endeavors 
Oh you got the return to office plan email too? If you’re not already back in your cubicle, it’s likely that you will be soon...in which case you’re probably wondering what the hell to wear?! It’s been a while since we’ve been in business casual attire, it’s all good. Just throw on your Modal Racerback Tank tucked into a black pencil skirt and then toss your favorite power blazer on top. Lace up some heels and you’ll be office ready in no time! 

Weekend Upstate 
We’re all going to be enjoying the great outdoors in some capacity this summer, and there’s a high chance that means going upstate for all of us city dwellers. A scenic trip upstate, perforated with hiking and biking, calls for our Modal Racerback Tank tucked into a pair of light joggers. Tree huggers never looked so good! 

Which is your favorite Modal Racerback Tank look? Let us know by commenting below! 

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