25 Ways to Spend World Health Day At Home

Just about 4 weeks into a declared pandemic, today is ironically World Health Day. Since 1950, this day has aimed to highlight priority areas of concern for the World Health Organization (WHO). This year, it seems that we’re on the same page about where the health concern lies – but the good news is that we can all play a vital role in mitigating the issue by staying home and flattening the curve. As we embrace this new normal, we want to help you reframe as best as we can. Let’s use this time at home to find joy in the little victories and wonders we encounter day to day. And in doing so, we’ll be prioritizing our health, and the health of the world 😊. If you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, you may be in search of worthy ways to spend it! In honor of staying home, staying safe, and still having fun, we’ve devised a bucket list of sorts. For inspiration on all things productive, fun, caring, and creative, take a gander…

  1. Zoom happy hours…with anyone and everyone!
  2. Clean out your closet
  3. Fill the new space in your closet with classic, minimalist pieces
  4. Revamp your professional brand
  5. Get sketching

  6. Netflix Party with your pals (classic chick flicks are never a bad choice 😌)
  7. Check in on your loved ones and neighbors
  8. Learn how to do your taxes
  9. Hunt down every meme you can find about Love Is Blind and Tiger King
  10. Find your flow through Yoga with Adriene
  11. Learn a Tik Tok dance (Renegade is our favorite, although there will be no content shared to prove it 😜)
  12. Experiment with your makeup 

  13. Try a guided meditation challenge
  14. Dig up any extra N95 masks you might have and donate them to a healthcare worker through Mask Match
  15. Then make a homemade face mask…the spa day kind!
  16. Refine your budget
  17. Track your outdoor runs
  18. Whip out those dusty board games!
  19. But if no one’s around to play them with, play virtual games with your loved ones on House Party
  20. Watch an ungodly amount of TED Talks
  21. Finally try all of the recipes on your Pinterest board
  22. Volunteer virtually
  23. Get into gardening…and then use the flowers to brighten up your home!
  24. Try the no poo movement
  25. Watch a virtual panel - oh, speaking of! Let us know what panel topics you’d be interested in…we may or may not have something up our sleeve 😉.


What have you been doing for fun at home? And what kind of panel topics pique your interest? Let us know by commenting below!
Stay happy and healthy, friends!

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